Reflections on Trump after Super Tuesday

Is this a hangover?

No, it’s not the same as Germany. Don’t exaggerate. No, I’m not nervous.

I’m a little nervous.

No, I’m not. I’m in New York.

Trump likes the uneducated, he says. They like him.

He mentioned women’s health, so there’s that.

Italy survived Silvio.

You can’t fire me. I live here.

Keynsianism needs better ratings, anyway.

He’s not a conservative. America was never that conservative.

Racism is also an emotional tax on white people to feel better about themselves.

It costs less than a better wage.

Schwarzenegger could have been worse.

Shouldn’t government be entertaining?

Shaming white people will not end white privilege.

Take me off the merry-go-round.

Do smart people tell you they are smart?

Government is a business where employees tell the owner what to do.

Trump scares both brown people and bankers.

Would he be sexist if he emphasizes the right of rich, hot women to choose?

I’m uncomfortable with my intellectual opponents now supporting the Democrat.

Social conservatives will frustrate libertarians, which is why they live in different states.

Libertarianism corrodes social conservatism.

I know why the ostrich buries his head in the sand.

The battle lines: guns on one side and women’s health on the other.

Money solves a lot of problems.

Better to be on the side of the bully than the victim.

Who deserves their fortunes or miseries? Not one. We are desire, luck, and hope, embodied.

When did it become ok to be an asshole?

Money can’t buy the pearl.

I see empty bottles this morning.

I don’t think aspirin will stop this pain.

Lord have mercy upon me, a sinner.