Be prepared. Have dog treats. Ready the camera.

It doesn’t matter if the police chief is black.

For every action, a reaction. Prepare for the backlash.

Black Lives Matter.

Cold anger is hard, so I will not judge the rage.

Don’t be fooled, vengeance is justice.

I have tasted the deliciousness of revenge.

There is not a single one, who does not fear the mob.

Who redeems? Let the prisoners be free. 

Who forgives? 

You did not think her life should be destroyed, but destruction has its place.

Black lives matter.

What is the pain in the world?

Every tweet, every post, 

the pain, duplicates, magnifies.

All the data, pain, every moment.

Vindication is more satisfying than peace.

We are all sinners, even the righteous. 

If you can’t burn it down, 

turn off the screen.