Since June 2007, I’ve organized the Westchester Wine Meetup, a gathering of amateurs and wine lovers who seek an opportunity to explore the world of wines.

In the beginning I invited professional wine educators and sommeliers to assist in making an enjoyable social event where people to discover wines they might not normally have the opportunity to try. Last year we purchased several cases of Riedel Magnum Overtures to enhance the experience.

I received a Certified Specialist in Wine certificate from the Society of Wine Educators in December 2012, and in 2015 I received a French Wine Scholar certificate, with Honors. Basically I can now get a reliable, inexpensive bottle of wine in a restaurant.

I am a lover of most wines, but I especially love old German Rieslings, wines from Proriat, and the Loire Valley.

If you would like me to arrange a basic class for a fundraiser, email me directly and we can talk about options.