Better than Nothing

Senate Democrats on Monday evening dropped a plan to expand Medicare, winning the support of moderates and the reluctant acquiescence of liberals, in another major step toward building enough support to pass a health-care overhaul.

It’s better than nothing.

Nate: Yes, it is.

Rev. Currie disagrees

Quote of the day: Socially transformative legislation doesn’t happen at once. It evolves. Obama takes the long view.

Revealed: why Lieberman opposed expanding medicare – Liberals supported it.


The public option has changed. Broaden Medicare and Medicaid. Keep cost-cutting devices. Personally, I think it is a smart move. Medicare and Medicaid are public options. Eventually, a single payer system, if possible, will arise from expanding institutions already in place. Politically, these changes happen in steps, and there is plenty of good in other parts of the bill.

Still, they should break the trusts and allow a little more free enterprise.

A few facts and numbers for ya
! A few more.

Update: The Washington Post decries this idea, saying “The irony of this late-breaking Medicare proposal is that it could be a bigger step toward a single-payer system than the milquetoast public option plans rejected by Senate moderates as too disruptive of the private market.”