A Safe Church for Agnostics

Down here, when you meet someone new they ask three questions: “Where do you live,” “what do you do,” and “where do you go to church.” I have various approaches to this kind of white lie. The first approach is not to mention a church specifically. Just say, “I’m Episcopalian” or “I’m Unitarian” and change the subject.

Aunt Shelle on being an Agnostic in the Bible Belt.

Telling people you’re an Episcopalian is one way to end a conversation on religion.

The War on Drugs Sucks

“On that day the Bowers family was flying in a single-engine plane over the Amazon toward their home in Iquitos. Mrs. Bowers was holding the infant on her lap when a bullet fired by the Peruvian Air Force, under direction of the CIA, hit the aircraft, traveled through her back and into Charity’s skull. The plane crash-landed on the Amazon River. Mr. Bowers, his young son and the pilot survived. Neither the plane nor its passengers were found to be involved in any way in the drug business and initial reports said that the mistaken attack was a tragic one-time error.”   Mary Anastasia O’Grady in the WSJ.

The Article.