Live Blogging Barack’s Address

10:10 pm We are not a nation of quitters.

smart rhetoric.

10:04 And a story about the bank president who had a lot of money and gave it away. It’s like a parable. And a challenge to the elite. Damn. This hits on so many different levels.

Hope is found in unlikely places.

The hero captain gets a shot.

Veterans are going to be making money.

9:59 A dig at terrorists in Pakistan. Kind of easy.

Shot of McCain with a Maine Senator

He’s clarifying the tax cuts. Beautiful.

He’s including stuff in the budget.

9:55 The deficit…

that he inherited…

No earmarks… Got some catcalls.

We’ll see about agribusiness. No more no-bid contracts in Iraq.


swiping the DOD.

9:52 Education. No education, economic decline. Insure access to a complete, and competitive education to everyone.

This will go well in the heartland.

9:46 He continues to be the teacher, addressing our highest moral values. Preventative care; curing disease.

“It will be hard. The cost of our health care has weighed down our conscience or our economy.” Yep, this brings me to tears. It cannot wait another year.

No more quitting on your country.

He’s using remarkably conservative rhetoric.

He wants college graduates, but I am skeptical about the worth of college for all people….

9:40 pm “Our job is to solve the problem.”

“It’s not about helping banks. It’s about helping people.” He’s good.

He’s teaching the multiplier effect.

“rewards drive, punishes short cuts and abuse. Make long term investments.”

A budget as a blueprint. Yep: budgets are moral documents.

We will all have to sacrifice.

Barack is getting historical: railroads, public education, the GI Bill, highways, the moon. Government catalyzed private enterprise.

Energy, health care and education.

He uses a little ethnocentrism to justify his government program.

I’d get a little tired standing all the time.

9:23 “I don’t believe in bigger government. I know about the deficit.” If we don’t do anything, we will be weaker.

57 policemen have their jobs.

Obama is expressing care for the people.

He addresses criticism. There will be oversight. By Biden. Good move.

People will be held accountable.

Good rhetoric.

9:30 pm What are people reading?

9:27 He’s teaching. Credit has stopped flowing. I wonder if people are taking notes.

Hilary has jet lag.

Loans to the entrepreneurs who keep this economy running.

Obama is addressing specific policy proposals in a way that is direct.

9:15 “Take Responsibility.” Good use of a moral tone. He’s challenging the people and the congress for not thinking long term.

Pelosi looks distracted.

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