Let us pray

Almighty God, creator of the universe and earth, our island home,
we invoke the spirit of wisdom upon the common council,
and all those participating in these proceedings.
We ask you to help us focus on the tasks at hand,
open our ears to hear the concerns of our community,
give us a discerning heart to sort through confusion,
and strength to speak our minds with conviction, and humility.
Allow us to be both tenacious and resilient,
Strong, yet flexible,
honest, and collaborative.
We also pray that this country may be free
from all forms of extremism,
including religious.
May our faith first guide us to understand one another
only seeking to persuade, rather than coerce.
For we know that
even though we might not get everything we want,
with you we already have all that we need.
Let it be that when the night has come
we may finish this evening in a timely fashion
knowing that with your grace,
we have governed responsibly.