Reflections on General Convention

I’ve generally stayed out of the General Convention fray. After reading the long missives, the assertions, the arguments, the proposals and the plans I’ve come to a realization.

I’m addicted to the internet.
I need a media diet.

Sometimes I’m moved by the occasional blog; inspired by a just cause; convinced by a conservative. But most of the time I think, “I just spent an hour, or two, doing what?”

I could have written a small pamphlet explaining the liturgy to newcomers, or given Paul V a call. He just had a pacemaker put in. I should have taken out the trash and done some weeding. I could have reconnected with friends.

Instead, engaging a screen.

I can’t resist, however, making a few observations.

  • Although I’m a fan of the Archbishop, he is becoming more obscure.
  • When conservatives leave a church, there will be a greater number of liberals making policy.
  • Conservatives will remain surprised that there are more liberals in the church, confirming that conservatives are bad at math, except when calculating how many people are leaving the Episcopal Church.
  • Liberals aren’t very good at reading scripture.
  • GC wanted to remind people that we don’t submit to the queen of England anymore.
  • We submit to our own queens.
  • Although LGBT have positions of authority in every part of the Episcopal Church, they continue to think they don’t have power in the church. Don’t they know all the bishops still wear pink and lace?
  • GC addressed other issues besides sexuality. I’m not sure what, but they did.
  • And finally, the ABC has suggested a two track system for the church. I’m disappointed that it is only two.

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