Annual Meeting

We had the annual meeting yesterday.  No priests were harmed in the process.  Or treasurers.  We didn’t discuss sexuality or the Anglican Communion.  We celebrated the best pledge drive we’d had in several years.

We did a few tasks differently this meeting.  The budget was far more detailed than before, and we sent it out for review to everybody in the congregation.  It was a risk.  We didn’t know of someone would complain about the price of stamps or my subscription to the New Yorker.

My reflections were, in sum, like so:

Thanks everybody, you rock.  Now here is what we need to do.

Now let’s do some work.   It’s simple.  Painfully so.  First, we love each other.  Then we do the work of loving as best as we can.  Then communicate this to the world.   Simple.

I just said this in longer paragraphs, with greater detail, which is where, it is said, the devil lies.