Arizona’s Immigration Law

Although it feels good to plenty, this law is a bad idea.  Even for Republicans.

1) Undocumented workers now have greater reason to fear the law and will find more dangerous ways to avoid it and the police.  It entrenches the black market in human traffic.

2) Not only undocumented workers will be affected, but anyone who is a police suspect.  If you go for a drive without having your papers, a cop could stop you, and you’ll have a very bad afternoon.

3) It increases the opportunity for police corruption.  Police may, instead of having to do the work of the INS, decide that getting more kickbacks are the way to go.  This law invites the abuse of power.

4) It’s a huge F.U. from Republicans to Hispanics.  Many hispanics share moral and financial values of moderate Republicans.  But this meanness simply looks like the Republicans maintaining their whiteness.  This is one way the GOP screws itself long term.

5) It will affect the state coffers.  Enforcing these rules is expensive, and a responsible government will have to find ways to fund it.  Higher taxes anyone?

6) It was NAFTA which initiated the great wave of immigrants from Mexico.  Perhaps people might examine the costs of ruining the economy of the Mexican countryside before pinning the blame upon those simply seeking to survive.

7) The Law is unconstitutional if the Fourth Amendment has any meaning.

8) Leviticus 19:33-34; Exodus 22:21