I decided to clean up some of the links and add a few more along the side.   Most of them are political at this time.  They don’t reflect my own political thinking – but I find that the way they think is useful.  I’ll include more links once I get through the Christian Century list.

David Frum at Frum Forum, the conservative conservatives hate, in part because he maintains his principles while still affirming science and math.   He got lambasted by the Heritage foundation when he argued that the Republicans weren’t prepared for Obama’s health care successes.

Glenn Greenwald is a lawyer who writes for Salon.  He’s insightful, principled, and makes no excuses for Obama’s conservative foreign policy.    I find him stimulating, if a bit unaware of the complexities of power.  For that I turn to…

Walter Russell Mead is a writer from the realist school of foreign policy.  He’s brilliant, wry, and deeply anti-utopian.  He explains the world in discomfiting ways, and is steadfast in his refusal to offer idealistic solutions.

That’s just a few.  More articles to come out this year, as I continue to work on writing… writing… writing…

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