Anglican Priest Gets Caught with PrOn on computer

This is pathetic.

Not just because pr0n is problematic ethically.  That’s the easy answer.

But this is a Christian soldier who made his reputation critiquing the sexual inclinations of others.    He is a poster boy for the log-twig reference our jefe made as reported in scripture.   Yet another example of someone who protests a bit too much.

Of course, a part of me thinks they should be celebrating.   If it’s your average Jenna Jameson flick or Girls Gone Wild clip they could be saying:  “Yay.  It’s not a tween!”  It’s just a priest looking for a little stimulation to take home.  It’s just a guy wanting to be double teamed by a blonde and a brunette.

There are a lot of worse fantasies.

But on a church computer?  Really?

Was he trying to get caught?

Is he a pervert?  Or an idiot?

I wonder if it’s possible to distinguish between pornography and nakedness, critiquing an exploitative industry without condemning our fascination with sex.

He may or may not be a pervert or an addict, but I wonder if a culture of shame tends to exacerbate an obsession with sex rather than develop a healthy understanding of it.   Shame is the root of hypocrisy, or the water that feeds it.