Anglican Priest Gets Caught with PrOn on computer

This is pathetic.

Not just because pr0n is problematic ethically.  That’s the easy answer.

But this is a Christian soldier who made his reputation critiquing the sexual inclinations of others.    He is a poster boy for the log-twig reference our jefe made as reported in scripture.   Yet another example of someone who protests a bit too much.

Of course, a part of me thinks they should be celebrating.   If it’s your average Jenna Jameson flick or Girls Gone Wild clip they could be saying:  “Yay.  It’s not a tween!”  It’s just a priest looking for a little stimulation to take home.  It’s just a guy wanting to be double teamed by a blonde and a brunette.

There are a lot of worse fantasies.

But on a church computer?  Really?

Was he trying to get caught?

Is he a pervert?  Or an idiot?

I wonder if it’s possible to distinguish between pornography and nakedness, critiquing an exploitative industry without condemning our fascination with sex.

He may or may not be a pervert or an addict, but I wonder if a culture of shame tends to exacerbate an obsession with sex rather than develop a healthy understanding of it.   Shame is the root of hypocrisy, or the water that feeds it.

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Gawain de Leeuw

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3 thoughts on “Anglican Priest Gets Caught with PrOn on computer

  1. I am also fascinated by the fact that the public finds such sins especially reprehensible in the clergy because they “hate hypocrisy,” but they apparently fail to see the irony in their hatred of hypocrisy?

    “PrOn” is, in the internet age, probably the most widespread sexual vice there is, next to its kissing cousin, that is, which is masturbation.

  2. Talking about “Pr0n” will have to happen following our discussion of other secrets – our inability, or unwillingness, to discuss sex with honesty – “without shame or fear” as the prayer goes.

    But your comment about hypocrisy is a much deeper issue, one alluded to by both Hannah Arendt and Adorno. A coherent answer might be – we’re hypocrites, and who cares? We still have work to do.

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